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Residential Tanning Beds

Residential tanning beds are now priced less than $2,000 USD for new home models and less than $1,000 for used and refurbished beds.  I have been in the indoor tanning salon business for over 15 years and have never seen the prices this low.  In the past several years I have bought or sold many used or refurbished beds and have great insight into what to look for when residential tanning bedsbuying one for your home.  I have owned the Sunquest Pro series and SunVision models and moved the Solar Storm type models often.  The differences between these cheaper, plastic models compared to the all-steel models produced by American Quality in Florida, are staggering.  The graphics below are intended to give you a visual comparison of cheap plastic beds versus all-steel beds and what each model will look like in 5 years.  The AMQ beds like the Del Sol and Professional models use 1 ballast per lamp, thicker acrylics, higher quality tanning lamps, steel support strips, 99% reflector behind lamps, handle, digital timers, body fans, and so much more bed for just a little more money.  Click here to view more comparison photos of all-steel tanning beds versus plastic models over time.  After a few minutes of due-diligence you will come to the same conclusion I have: the all-steel, Del Sol, Professional, and Tropical Rayz models are the best home tanning bed you can buy for your money.  Call me, Rick Houston, at 800-760-6017, 7 days a week to discuss buying a new tanning bed for around $2,000 or a used model for $1,000.  I will also discuss the possibility of converting your old used bed to a "red light therapy bed".  Read more about red light beds here and learn more about the amazing benefits of photo light therapy here.